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Executive Liability Insurance

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The insurance which compensates the damage for students when incident occurs when student are using or managing the facilities for student or class activities, experiments, practice related to the school works.


The freshmen and students (undergraduates and graduate school students)
※ ‘The freshmen’ refers to those who pass the admission exam and to be registered to student registry having the relevant semester’s tuition fee

Scope of claim and Period of Compensation

  • Demand within 2 years from date of incident
  • Compensate within 180 days of medical treatment period

Covered Damage

Against the personnel and objects

Compensate the damage which the school has legal responsibility, out of damages occurred by all kinds of the incidents from the use of school facilities which are possessed, used and managed directly in relation to school management by the freshmen or student of Chonbuk National University, and class activities, experiment, practice, etc

Scope of Class Activities: Outdoor education (field trip and investigation) including MT, OT, school excursion, graduation trip, etc. which are authorized by dean or president, and performed under the supervising professor.
※ However, the incident, which school does not have legal responsibility, is excluded from compensation.

Internal and External Medical Expense Coverage Special provisions

Compensate the actual expense (medical expense) for damages to the freshmen and students of Chonbuk National University by all kinds of incidents occurred in campus and outdoor education (field trip and investigation), MT, OT, school excursion, extracurricular activities.
※ The incident, which the school does not have legal responsibility, is included

Limits of Liability by Insurance

Limits of Liability by Insurance
Description Liability Limit Remark
Executive Liability Insurance Against the personnel 100 million won per person
500 million won per incident
Against the objects 300 million won per incident
Additional Internal and External Medical Treatment Coverage (Special ProvisionⅡ) 2 million won per person
2 million won per incident

The Damages Not Covered

  • Damage occurred intentionally
  • Damage occurred by riot, disturbance, demonstration, labor dispute, etc
  • Damage occurred by natural disaster
  • Damage occurred by the large scale of repair, modification, new construction, and removal works of the school facilities
  • Damage occurred from school facilities leased to third party
  • Personal liability (violence, etc)
  • Damage occurred during self-practice, game or coaching of those who are registered as school athlete
  • Traffic accident (However, damage occurred by the parked vehicles not possessed, rented or used by the insured within the facilities of insure is excluded)
  • The other contents not covered by the provisions of executive liability insurance

Claim Procedure

Documents required for insurance claim

  • Incident Report (form prescribed by insurance company)
  • Witness’s confirmation (write the personal information)- no form is provided
  • Medical certificate
  • Payment receipt
  • Certificate of studentship
  • Copy of constituent’s bank passbook


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