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Student Mutual Medical Aid Association

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Student mutual medical aid association is the system managed for the purpose of contributing to the improvement of student welfare by paying proper amount of medical expense for those who received medical treatment at designated hospital due to disease or injury as student of our University


Those who paid the dues for mutual medical aid of relevant semester

Loss of Eligibility

When lose status of student by the graduation, removal, death, etc (In case of leave of absence, the qualification as member is suspended. However, in case of leave of absence due to disease or injury without perpetrator, etc, the payment can be requested during period of leave of absence.
※ Payment should be requested for the medical treatment received during the semester paid the due, within the relevant semester.

Designated Medical Institution

Nationwide secondary and tertiary hospitals equivalent to general hospital
※ However, primary medical institution (clinic and private clinic) is excluded

Medical Expense Payment Criteria

Medical Expense Payment Criteria
Description Payment Criteria (Applicable for 1st semester of 2011)
1st grade(death) General Mortality 1,000,000won / Death by injury sustained while in duty 2,000,000won
2nd grade (injury sustained while in duty) All amount to be paid by constituent within 1,000,000 won
3rd grade (Hospitalization) 70% of insurance (medical treatment) deductible amount out of inpatient treatment, but total amount for each semester cannot be exceeded 800,000won – including outpatient treatment
4th grade (outpatient) 70% of insurance deductible amount (medical treatment) out of outpatient treatment, but total amount to be paid for each semester cannot be exceeded 400,000won

Restriction of Medical Expense Reimbursement

The reimbursement of medical expense shall not be paid when falls to one of following cases
The amount claimed is less than 10,000won
The frequency of payment is exceeded 2 times per each semester
The medical expense prior to paying the due
Cosmetic surgery
Receive consultation by the traffic accident or injury by violence or death by the same causes
The executive director considers the payment as improper such as immoral diseases etc (however, it is excluded the accidents occurred by negligence of the constituent without having perpetrator during the ride of motorcycle or bicycle)

Medical Expense Application Procedure

  1. After receiving medical treatment at designated medical institution, the application of student medical expense payment (separate form prescribed: available at welfare team of Student department at Headquarter, College Administration Office and posted at homepage application forms), together with confirmation of medical treatment issued by relevant medical institution, and medical treatment receipt should be submitted to the executive director of the Student Mutual Medical Aid Association (Welfare Team of Student Department at headquarter)

    ☞ The payment application should be attached the medical treatment record made by physician in charge, and sealed with president of relevant hospital (relevant hospital’s patient affair department)

    • In case of injury sustained while in duty, written opinion of the dean of relevant college (or graduate school) should be attached
    • For the diseased, the dean of college (graduate school) should attach medical certificate of death or (letter of guarantee)
  2. When the application for medical expense payment request is received, the executive director will deposit to bank account designated by person in parental authority or constituent after examining the qualification of beneficiary and calculating the reimbursement amount.


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