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Origin of Happiness

Chonbuk National University Student Boarding House, which is pursuing the Origin of Happiness, started from Memorial Hall of Reverend Hwang Seongtaek completed in June 08, 1965, and now total 11 buildings including Peace Hall and Daedong Hall, which were stared constructing from 1984, and Chamblt Hall (5 buildings) and Hyemin Hall (2 buildings), which were built in 2009 by the private capital attraction project (BTL) and Saebit Hall (2 buildings). By changing denomination of Boarding House to ‘Saenghwalgwan’ in March, 2004, they are developing into another educational space and pleasant environment.

The main objectives of Boarding House management are as follows

First, collective food distribution according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) We are pursuing continuously reduction of salt and meat index and making efforts to be green boarding house managing diverse program for green life practice.

Secondly, by supporting Wednesday ∙ dream ∙ project and boarding house club activities, we will be reborn as center of humanity and liberal arts education. By inviting figures, whom the boarding house students desire to meet, every Wednesday evening, the vision for designing aspirations will be presented, and through the famous movie viewing, etc, we are striving to enhance emotional level, Also, we are actively supporting the boarding house club activities (Yoga, marathon, movie, reading club, foreign students’ Korean culture exploration, etc), and contributing to building up sound character through leisure activities and Temple Stay, etc.

In the Student Boarding House located in the foot of Geonji Mountain, complete your specific list of aspiration in order to be origin for the happiness in your life.