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Office of International Cooperation

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Office of International Cooperation

The Office of International Cooperation, Chonbuk National University plans and conducts various practical programs such as student and academic staff exchange program and general MOU agreements in order to strengthen the university’s internationalization level.

To accomplish the globalized campus in this global era, Chonbuk National University makes the best and consistent effort with the project “Vision 2020” to enhance the education and research competitiveness in order to achieve amongst world’s top 100 universities until 2020.

To do so, Chonbuk National University has concluded MOU with about 200 world’s prestigious universities and research institutions from 29 different countries and has created the opportunities for Chonbuk National University people to follow their dream to the whole world through various international programs such as study abroad program.

This corresponds to university’s will that emphasizes cultivating talented individuals with global insight through experiencing a variety of culture and education all over the world and hence, this will satisfy student’s ever-growing desires to study abroad.

Furthermore, the Office of International Cooperation provides a number of services to secure excellent international students. They are the key factors to bring the university’s international competitiveness to the world-level.

The Office of International Cooperation promises to live up to peoples’ expectations now and for ever for making the globalized campus and improving the university’s external image.

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