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Student Union Hall

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Teaching Support

For good quality lectures, the diverse teaching method and substantial lecture strategy information are provided
Provide the teach method data
Perform special lecture and workshop on the teaching methods
Photograph and analyze the lectures

Writing Support

To enhance the students’ writing skills, diverse information and data for writing are provided
Serial Publication of <Campus Tip Series ‘Do it this way’> Learning method
Provide <Quiz>
Counseling on writing
Perform writing and thesis workshop

Learning support

Provide the diverse learning methods helping autonomous and effective learning and counseling
Serial publication of <Campus Tip Series ‘Do it this way’ Learning Method>
Counseling on learning methods
Suggest study group

Support educational media production and development of e-learning contents

  • Support the video contents production of Jeonbuk regional universities
  • Contents development software tool education support
  • Support on-line lecture room


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