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Information & Computing Center

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Information and Computing Center

Chonbuk National University, the power leading Korea! Information and Computing Center, the power leading information of next generation!

SINCE 1977 / HOMEPAGE : http://its.jbnu.ac.kr /

The Information and Computing Center is composed of Main Building and 2 educational buildings and have been dedicated to the computing and information tasks to support the smooth education of students and administration service since founded in June, 1978.

This Center have developed and managing Academic and administrative system including OASIS and perform management of the in-university public software, on-line software, web-disk, electronic payment management, university intra-network/research network/educational network management, information security, web mail, and principal server management, and the education and training for domestic and international IT qualification to help the students’ employment and employees and local community. And also, performs the teacher training for the provincial elementary, middle and high school teachers, and established and is managing government-sponsored IT education for workers and unemployed implemented by Ministry of Labor.

In addition, PC lecture room, PC free practice room, etc can be utilized and PC A/S Center, Network A/S Center, IDC, Computer History Museum are managed.

PC Room Guide

The Information and Computing Center are managing Free Practice Room and Lecture Room at the Main Building and Educational Buildings

In the Main Building and Educational Buildings of Information and Computing Center, 400 latest computers are installed, which are used for information search, preparation of reports, on-line learning, cyber lectures and practice, etc. When using Free Practice Room, considering others, extended use are prohibited, and when leaving the seat, take all belongings in order for other users to use it.

In Free Practice Room of Educational Buildings, printers are installed.

Information Education

The information and Computing Center is managing Computer Proficiency, International Accreditation education, etc.


Information Education Guide
Computer Proficiency and IT education courses for students, employee and community residents are established and being managed, and education courses for Internationally certified certificates (MOS, ICDU), National Certificates (Computer Proficiency, word processor, Social automation, presentation, ITQ) are managed monthly basis.

For further information, refer to Information Education page.

Web-relater Additional Service

Information and Computing Center are managing diverse web-related additional services

Web-relater Additional Service
Service Main Service URL
OASIS As comprehensive information system for Chonbuk National University, diverse academic information such as enrollment, grade inquiry, etc can be utilized. https://all.jbnu.ac.kr/nslogin.html/
Web Mail e-mail service using Web. You can use it after joining as member. http://mail.jbnu.ac.kr
Web Disk As system to keep data in internet, you can use up to 300M after joining as member. http://webdisk.jbnu.ac.kr
On-line software The program, which is not installed in PC, can be used through on-line. http://sw.jbnu.ac.kr
Homepage Wizard Homepage for the institution, department and professor can be made and managed easily. http://home.jbnu.ac.kr
Account Service This is the service to allocate certain server space to mount the homepage. http://com.jbnu.ac.kr
Instant Service This is the service dealing with the network-related error and inquiry on line. http://baro.jbnu.ac.kr
Questionnaire Survey system This system provides off-line questionnaire survey system online. Research and promotion can be performed at the same time http://jbpoll.jbnu.ac.kr
Bulk mail dispatcher This service provides bulk e-mail. http://mailer.jbnu.ac.kr
Information and Computing Center This is integrated site built by SSO (Single Sign ON) integrating in-college services Homepage of Chonbuk National University -> click Portal

Principal Telephone Information

Homepage of Chonbuk National University 2019 Homepage Wizard 4801
PC A/S Center 3424 Homepage Account 4801
OASIS 4762/3512 Related to other homepage 4801
Network Error 3814 Web Disk 3510
Related to IP 3400 Electronic payment 3508
Related to domain 3507 On-line software 3511
Net Spot 3400 Lease software 3511
Mail 3510 Information Education 3509
History Museum 3509 MOS Education 3511
Portal 4586 IDC Management 3400


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