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오시는 길

Incheon International Airport -> Buy bus ticket bound for Jeonju at Exit No. 8 -> Get into the bus bound for Jeonju at bus station No. 9C -> Get off the bus at Jeonju Core Hotel (will take about 3 hours) -> go to Chonbuk National University by taxi (fare costs you about 5,000 won)

Campus Address : 361 Taebong-ro, Gochang-eup, Gochang-gun, Jeollabuk-do 56443

When using private vehicle
1. When using Honam Expressway, land on Jeongeup IC or Baegyang IC for Gochang
2. When using West Coast Expressway, land on Gochang IC for Seonunsa(Asan

When using public transportation
Board a bus for Asan at Gochang terminal and get off at stop of Dosan-ri.


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