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History of University Mark

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History of University Mark

The University Mark has been selected through the public contest for the University member and general public in 1964, and the original image was made of figures placed in the boundary of a shield. Although several changes were made later, it was born as current image through UI in 1999.
As the desk and the book in the middle of shield of initial Mark represent Chonbuk National University, and ‘ㅈ’ in the left side of the desk represents the character ‘Chon’, ‘ㄱ’ in the right side represent the ‘National’, and the ‘ㅁ’ around the book represents the civilization, it represents that the foundation of profound knowledge started from here. Also, this image, which resembles to the sitting bird, represents the great posture of a bird dreaming of taking off. It is currently used by adding pattern represented ideal.

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