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Leopard Boy (Pyodol) is characterized the leopard, symbol animal of Chonbuk National University.

The elder son of the father, the professor of Chonbuk National University, and the mother who smiles a lot, he is smart and having full of wits and sometimes made a wacky mistakes due to having active nature and strong sense of justice, but healthy male student of new age. He is the dignified brother to his mischievous little brother playing with him very well and at the same time, for his elder sister, the career woman, is cute little brother.

Leopard Girl (Pyosun), girlfriend of Pyodol, having pretty appearance and excellent grade in the study, helps a lot Pyodol in the college life.

The neighborhood, the gate keeper of Chonbuk National University, is a warm hearted man of generosity always forgives wacky mishaps and mistakes of Pyodol generously.

The friends of Pyodol are the students of same department and always get along together in the college having positive, romantic, and humorous natures.

As the characters of Pyodol’s family and his friends, they can be utilized in diverse events and promotional activities. They cannot be modified their figures at one’s discretion and when additional development or modification is made, it should be determined through the discussion with UI Management Division.

※ All the contents published in this site are protected by copyright and registration of trademark, and when the outsiders reproduce or modify all or partly, without written approval of Chonbuk National University, other than promotion of Chonbuk National University, it shall be subject to the criminal charge or claim for damages.



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