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Emblem, Logotype, Promotion

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English Application

English EmblemMade for the Emblem of University combining Symbol Mark and Logotype, this is used when there needs to symbolize the authority and tradition of the University (Ex: ceremony, ornamentation), and a signature derived from Symbol.

Korean Application

Korean EmblemThis is the example applied Korean Logotype. The regulation of use is same as English Emblem but to maintain consistency of identity, it cannot be used prior to English Emblem

Lototype - 1

Korean/Chinese LototypeThe logotype of Chonbuk National University maintains consistency with exclusive penmanship of Chonbuk National University and designed not to lose smooth aesthetic sense having taste of orthodox gothic.

English LototypeEnglish Logotype is produced based on the Universe font, and when reproduced, it should be made space and proportion according to grid system.

Lototype - 2

Korean/English  LototypeKorean, Chinese Logotype vertical combination has been produced to differentiate from the horizontal combination in order to make utmost idealistic balance when logotype is combined in vertical way. Horizontal logotype cannot be arrange in vertical way and should follow following illustration. English vertical logotype shall be not used.

Promotional Symbol

Promotional SymbolPromotional Symbol is the Symbol Mark developed for University events and promotional activities and should be used separately from the Symbol Mark of Basic System. Diverse applications are allowed unless visual image is not maintained, but cannot be used as symbol of University.

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