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Symbolmark, Pattern

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Symbol Mark, as basic and essential element symbolizing Chonbuk National University, not only represents the focal aspects to change image or design of University but implicate the organizational reform or the development process of University. By introducing the concept of ‘Aesthetics’ into the activities of University beyond simple formative beauty, it represents developing cultural and higher level of intangible information value.

The ‘U’ shape of background in the Symbol Mark is derived from the traditional pattern of Baekje Dynasty symbolizing long tradition and the legitimacy of Chonbuk National University and also outstretching shape toward the sky represent the future development of University.

Applied widely to all visual media as official mark of Chonbuk National University, Symbol Mark is playing focal role in the communications among universities, and since it gives unfaithful impression to the University image if error occurs due to negligence in it use, it needs careful precaution to use it, and cannot be modified, or corrected without prior approval. It should be used by downloading data for reproduction in the Homepage or requesting cooperation of the exclusive UI Management Division. For production of special media required magnification such as large signboard, electric signboard, banner, etc except reproduction of printing, it requires careful precaution for exact reproduction using illustrated grid and should maintain accurate ratio according to system construction.


The Pattern, which plays role to enhance the dignity of University applied to all kinds of printed materials, guide signs, signboards, etc, has three items such as Tradition, Ideal and Spirit. Designed to be able to organic relation with Signature, they promote the image of University consistently. Reproduction of pattern can be used freely to the extent not to damage to the basic image.

  • TraditionDesigned by applying pattern of jewelry of Baekje Dynasty, it symbolizes the tradition and the legitimacy of the Chonbuk National University and is the pattern playing essential role in the UI System.
  • IdealThe figure ‘U’, which is the motif of Symbol Mark, implicates the highest ideal, the aspiration outstretching toward the sky, hope and the future development of Chonbuk National University.
  • SpiritIt represents the spirit of the youths advancing to the future and ideal keeping legitimacy of our own symbolizing active and practical images. Applied to all kinds of sports events and athletic uniforms, vigorous and strong images are represented.

※ All the contents published in this site are protected by copyright and registration of trademark, and when the outsiders reproduce or modify all or partly, without written approval of Chonbuk National University, other than promotion of Chonbuk National University, it shall be subject to the criminal charge or claim for damages.



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