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CBNU Researchers Receive 20 Billion Won 

proffice (proffice) 2017/05/31 15:46:55
CBNU Researchers Receive 20 Billion Won

The professors of Chonbuk National University won 117 government and private research support projects only in February and March, receiving funds of approximately 20 billion won (20 million USD) in total, according to the Bureau of University-Industry Cooperation & Research of CBNU.

One of the support-winning teams is that of Professor Joong Hee Lee (Dept. of BIN Fusion Engineering), who received 1.1 billion won (1 million USD) from the National Research Foundation of Korea for the project of "Fabrication of Target Oriented Multi-Dimensional Hetero-Nanostructured Next Generation Electrode Materials through Atomic Level Manipulation."

Other teams were also awarded for various support projects, giving wider publicity to the university’s research competitiveness.

The list of selected research projects is as follows:

* A Study for Intangible Cultural Heritage Text Data Analysis Model with on Ensemble (GA, PSO, Tabu, CNN) Clustering and Improved Convolutional Neural Nets Based on the Fourier Feature Extraction and Dimensional Reduction
* A Study of Efficient Tangerine Realtime Disease and Pest Diagnosis System Using Deep Residual Learning Big Data Analysis
* A Study on a Semiclassical Quantum Gravity Based on Modified Dispersion Relations and/or Generalized Uncertainty Principles
* A Study on the Radioprotective Mechanism of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Senescence by Radiation Exposure
* Acoustic/Elastic Metamaterials for Impact, Vibration, and Noise Suppression
* Analysis of Effect for Stability Evalutaion Both Dynamic Postural Balance and Trunk Stabilization Based on Musculoskeletal Model for Elderly People
* Analysis of Lipoprotein(a) in Ischemic Heart Disease Patients
* Boosting the Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells Through the Engineering of Interfacial Structures via Utilization of Graphene Nanomaterials
* Controling the Diarrhea of Korean Indigenous calves Based on the Gut Microbiome Modulation
* Design Optimization of Piecewise Double-well Potential for Improving Performance Robustness of a Broadband Vibration Energy Harvesting System
* Developing the Theoretical Model of Wearable Device Acceptance
* Development for Multi-zone Networking Technology for Next-generation Giga Bit Communication in the 5G Core Network
* Development of Charging and Discharging Algorithm and Communication Protocol for Electric Vehicles to Minimize Power Variation and Peak Load in Smart Grid
* Development of Health Functional Food Materials from Aucuba Japonica
* Development of Matlab/Simulink Model for Large-scaled Propulsion Motor of Submarine
* Development of Membrane Electrode Assembly for Low Cost and High Efficiency Fuel Cell Based on Non-Perfluorinated Aromatic
* Development of Multi-wavelength Photodetector for the Simultaneous Detection of Visible and Infrared Lights Fabricated Using Ge on Si Epitaxial Growth Technology
* Development of Next-generation Environmental Biosystem for Livestock Waste Recycling Using Demolition Mechanism of Reactive Radicals
* Development of Novel Gene Diagnostic Tool Targeting the Virus to Overcome the Problem of PCR Diagnostics
* Development of Novel Porous Materials with High Surface Area and Hierarchical Pore Structure by Nonionic Polymer
* Development of Nutrient Balancing and Recycling Technology of Industrial Fermentation Waste Medium Using Photosynthetic Bacteria
* Development of the Flexible Li-ion Secondary Thin Film Battery Using Amorphous Cathode Materials
* Development of Wearable Organic Based Optoelectronics and Application for Integrated Textile Devices
* Discovery of Cancer Metastasis Inhibitors to Bone from Natural Products
* Ecotoxicity Assessment and Fate of Veterinary Antibiotics in the Agriculture Environment System
* Effect of PD-1 on the Osteoclastogenesis in Rheumatoid Arthritis
* Effect on Supercooling of Water Mixture to Nano-structured Additives or Impurities
* Epigenetic Regulation of Adipocyte Differentiation and Function by TET Protein-mediated DNA Hydroxymethylation
* Establishment Basis and Evaluation of the Effect of Growth Hormone Therapy in Children with Short Stature Accompanied by Mandibular Retrognathism
* Estimation of Permeability of Wood and Development of Drying Technology for Hanok Construction Parts
* Fabrication of Target Oriented Multi-Dimensional Hetero-Nanostructured Next Generation Electrode Materials through Atomic Level Manipulation
* Otto Configuration Based Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Using MEMS Actuator for Tuning Channel Height
* Pathophysiological Roles of H2S, as Master Metabolic Regulator Focusing on Interaction with Atrial Natriuretic Peptide and NO
* Potassium Channel Mechanisms of Antidepressant Effects on Epilepsy Accompanied by Depression
* Prediction of Dried Lumber Auality by Analysis of Ultrasonic Spectra Prior to Drying Process
* Preparation of High Density Sintered Bodies/Ultra Low-oxygen Ti Alloys Powders by Deoxidation in Solid State and Investigation of Sintering
* Research for the Pathogenesis of Severe Pulmonary Disorders through Development of the Subcellular Organelle-complex
* Research on Quantum Coherence in Electronic Systems Utilizing Electronic Interferometers
* Research on the Regulatory Effect of SIRT1 and SIRT2 on the Kidney
* Search for New Physics with Ultra Rare Decay
* Statistical Prediction and Verification for Mechanical Properties of Fiber/Interface of Composite Using Inverse Analysis and Micromechanical Model Based on CT Images
* Studies on the Role of Sirtuin 6 in the Regulation of NASH Pathogenesis
* Study for Improving Effect of Korean Mulberry (Morus Alba)-derived Secondary Metabolites Against Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease via Modulation of Oxidative Stress- and Inflammation-signal Pathways
* Study on a Novel Ion Imprinting Technology for Development of Selective Adsorbents of Precious Metals
* Study on Assist of Human Movement by Mechanical Vibratory Stimulation
* Study on Development of Drug Concentration and Biomarker Analysis Using Volumetric Absorptive Micro-blood Sampler, and Its Clinical Application
* Study on GaN-Perovskite Hybrid Light-Emitting Devices by Tunnel Junction
* Study on Multifunctional Capture Technology for Highly Eliminating Toxic Materials and Noise via Tapered Spiral Structured Composite
* Study on the Pathogenicity Mechanisms of Pseudomonas Cochorii and Its Interaction with Plants
* Technological Advancement for Industrial Application of Breeding Pig Genomic Selection
* The Regeneration of Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cell (RPE) Using Stem Cell Differentiation and Injectable Smart Hydrogels
* The Study on the Tectonic Evolution of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia from Paleoproterozoic to Triassic and the Geologic
* Trans-2-nonenal Treatment Using Multi-enzyme Complexes and Specific Binding Peptides
* Understanding Percolation and Synchronization in Unified Framework
* Why is Enhancement of Atherosclerotic Plaque in Patients with the Middle Cerebral Artery Stenosis on Black-blood Contrast-enhanced High Resolution MR Imaging?



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